Square Baler YFQ-2250

  • Machine include transmission system, picking and feeding system, compacting system, bundling system and density control system.
  • Germany imported knotter set, high efficiency, high accuracy, stable perfor mance, suitable to most type of string.
  • Suitable to bale grass, paddy, wheat straw.

Technical Data
Machine Overall Dimension (LxWxH) 4950*2920*1790mm
Overall Weight 1600kg
PTD Speed 5400RPM
Driven Power 45HP
Pick-Up Device Pick-Up Width 2250
Number of Tines 100
Distance of Tines 70
Chamber Piston Speed (Corse/min) 100
Piston Range 550
Chamber Size 460x360mm
Range of Bale Length 305-1350mm
Knotter Set Type of Knotter D Type
Number of Knotter Set 2
Knot Bumber 6
Working Efficiency KG/Hour 4000-7200


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