Agriculture Drone 16L | W16D & W16D Hybrid

  • 16L Payload
  • Autopilot / AB Point / Manual Control Modes
  • HD Camera with LED Light
  • Obstacle Avoidance Radar, Optional
  • Hybrid System As Optional

Technical Data
Capacity 16L 16L
Nozzle Number 4PCS 4PCS
Spraying Width 4-6 Meter 4-6 Meter
Battery Volume 22000mAh 8000mAh
Daily Flight Efficiency 10-20HA 10-20HA
Flying Speed 7m/s, Max 10m/s 7m/s, Max 10m/s
Flying Height Limited to Below 20M Limited to Below 20M
Remote Control Distance 1.5KM, Max 3KM 1.5KM, Max 3KM
Engine Type - Petrol Engine (110cc)
Engine Power - 11.2HP/7500RPM


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