Mini Combine Harvester | WS 8.0


Stronger chassis and oprtion rubber trak 550*90*56 make harvesters work smoothly in paddy field. Longer Threshing cylinders male grain cleaner and Gearbox ZKB85 make sure of working faster.

Technical Data

Model WS 8.0
Structure Sell-Propelled Full Feeding
Overall Dimension Length (mm) 6
Width (mm) 5150
Height (mm) 2620
Weight (kg) 3030
Engine Model 3400 YC4DK
Type Vertical, Water Cooling, Four-Struke, Turbo Charge
Power (kw) 110HP
Rotation speed (r/min) 2600
Fuel capacity (L) 160
Gear Box Type Hydraulic Gear Box ZKB85
Cabin/Sunroof Cabin with Air-Condition
Walking Part Rubber Track (mm) 550*90*56
Track Gauge (mm) 1350
Min Ground Clearance (mm) 360
Harvesting Part Cutting Width (m) 2.2/2.36/2.5
Feeding Cpacity (kg/s) 6
Header Lifting Type Hydraulic
Threshing Part Threshing Type Axial Flow, Beat Bar
Operation Part 45cc HST
Cleaning Type Vibration Sieve, Centrifugal Fan
Grain Part Grain Unloading Type 360° Rotary Unloading
Working Effiency (acre/h)   0.5-0.9
Crops   Rice, Wheat, Rapeseed, Com, Soybean


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